Number of fines for parents shoots up since new term-time holiday rules

The number of parents having to pay up for their children’s sporadic attendance in the UK has shot up since the new term-time holiday rules were introduced, the BBC reports.

The law changed last September and around 64,000 fines have been issued during the past year, with a lot of parents not happy about the new regulations.  Parents have been calling for the government to do something about the holiday companies which intentionally hike prices during peak school holiday times, making the annual family get away cost-prohibitive for some.

BBC researchers contacted England’s152 councils and the figures suggest that parents received at least 63,837 fines in the academic year to July 2014, compared with 37,650 fines in the previous 12 months.

Previously, school heads could grant holidays for 10 extra days “in special circumstances” but this is no longer the case although they can still allow extended eave for “exceptional circumstances” that genuinely merit review.


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