How to save money on your next timeshare holiday

While the internet means that we can all (attempt to) travel on a shoestring, sometimes a bargain holiday can be too good to be true. If you find yourself tempted by an amazing deal that seems almost too perfect, then don’t worry – simply work your way through our hidden cost checklist, book and enjoy!

What is the real cost?

The beauty of a timeshare holiday is that you’ve paid upfront, so you’re not going to be paying high last minute hotel rates.  However, before you buy, check how far the resort is from the airport? If taxis are expensive, you’ll want somewhere easy to reach.  Does the resort have a minimarket or shops close by? You can save a small fortune by cooking at home and just popping out afterwards for an evening drink, for example.  If you’re travelling with children, the cost of eating out can really add up.  Check these things before you buy or exchange your week.

What’s the best time to fly?

Is the tiredness of the cheapest flight really worth it? Budget flights may not always take the most direct route, so you’ll need to factor in the time and potential inconvenience of a stopover.

As the yawningly early flights are often the cheapest, you’ll also have to consider that many public transport schedules won’t be up and running to get you there on time, so you may end up forking out extra for taxis or hotels. The same applies for very late arrivals.

What’s in the fine print?

Always look at the fine print so that you don’t get stung by excess baggage fees. If you’re travelling with a child and have a buggy, or you wish to take some sporting equipment, it’s useful to know what’s included in your ticket and where you’ll have to pay extra.

Where am I going?

The cheaper airliners often fly into secondary airports, which can be far out from cities or your ideal destination. Do some research first and find out what public transport options are available, or even consider sharing a taxi or booking a car service. Look at local shuttle services.  If you don’t mind sharing with others, you can save quite a bit on opting for a shuttle instead of a private taxi.

How do you make sure you save on your holidays? Share your tips with us at @gotimeshare

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