Timeshare Help and Advice

If you need any timeshare help, advice or information on how to buy or sell timeshare or require assistance with a timeshare or holiday club matter, the following two organisations provide a free of charge timeshare consumer advice service to members of the public:

RDO (Resort Development Organisation), the European trade body for timeshare, offers advice to buyers and sellers of timeshare and provides a free complaints handling service if you have dealt with one it its members. Contact info@rdo.org for further information or go to its website www.rdo.org for a full list of members.

TATOC (The Timeshare Association), the consumer association representing the interests of over 250,000 timeshare owners, provides a free service to members of the public who have a complaint or query about a company that is not in membership of RDO. Contact 0845 230 2430 for further information or go to its website www.tatoc.co.uk for further information.

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