RCI Video Guide – Get More From Timeshare Exchange

RCI knows that the purchase of a timeshare  – whether a week’s right-to-use or a points or club membership – is just the start of what can be an exciting leisure lifestyle for you, and those who matter most.

Owning timeshare, coupled with an RCI membership, gives you the opportunity to swap your owned holiday experience with more than 4,000 quality properties in prime holiday destinations. However, we have listened to what our members tell us and find that some of them may not fully understand how holiday exchange can work for them. We want to be sure to develop their exchange experience to ensure that our members have every opportunity to get the very best in holiday choice and value from their timeshare ownership using our holiday exchange programme.

So we looked for the clearest way to explain how the RCI exchange programme works and have created a fun and friendly video that takes just a few minutes to watch. It is a colourful animation which will walk you through each stage of getting the RCI exchange holiday of your dreams – and there really aren’t that many steps! In those few minutes, our animated characters demonstrate how dynamic the exchange system is, with holiday week deposits being put into the exchange pool, and taken out, every hour of every day. They then take you through the simple steps of holiday exchange with RCI, and it really is a programme that gives you a far greater number of holiday options than any other exchange programme currently available today, affording you the best range of choice and flexibility in your exchange holiday planning.

Creator and RCI video project manager, Sonal Patel, said: “We have found our members absolutely love their timeshare ownership, once they have the confidence to use the exchange system properly. It is wonderful to see the difference it makes to them once they fully understand how their timeshare, coupled with RCI exchange, opens up the world of fabulous holiday experiences that awaits them. With home from home, spacious accommodation in prime holiday locations, plus so many great on-resort facilities, timeshare is the ideal holiday lifestyle choice for a family, as well as those who like to share their downtime with friends. The bonus is the unrivalled holiday choices, year after year, that their single timeshare home purchase gives them, which is why we at RCI have invested in our ‘How To’ help videos. We are doing our best to ensure that all our members have the opportunity to get the very best holiday choice and value from their timeshare ownership.”

The videos are available for both RCI Weeks and Points members, in 15 languages. If you want to start swapping your timeshare RCI Weeks or Points to open your eyes to a wider holiday world, it really isn’t that complicated… Find out just how easy it is by simply visiting: www.rci.com/watch

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