Alert from TATOC, the Timeshare Association

We understand that an attempt has been made to clone/copy the Timeshare Association’s (TATOC) main website,

The cloned website ( has been set up by a company called Timeshare Association based in Tuscon, Arizona. TATOC has been aware for some time that they have been using its credentials in the US to cold call timeshare owners and asking them for upfront fees to resell their timeshare ownership. TATOC has been working with the Department of Justice on this.

There is no relationship between TATOC and this US-based organisation and the cloning of its website and the use of its logo has been undertaken without its permission. TATOC, the Timeshare Association, does not have an office or branch in the US and there is no connection of any kind between the two organisations.

If you have been contacted by this company in the US, please proceed with caution.

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