Capture the spirit of your summer trip and win a 2 week holiday courtesy of the European Travel Commission!

The Euroshorts 2014 Film Competition opens this week

Love the idea of documenting your summer trip? Well the ETC’s Euroshorts 2014 Film Competition has just been announced and you could win a two week holiday in Europe including flights and accommodation for two weeks if you make this year’s winning film!

Judges are looking for a short film that reflects your personal journey, highlighting three countries along the way. Short and sweet at no more than 5 minutes long, you need to include three European countries but the film can be shot in almost any style, capturing the sights, sounds, people and flavours of your European adventure.

Are you using your timeshare points towards a cruise between now and the end of September? This could be a perfect opportunity to savour three ports of call in three different countries – and show your friends and family where you’ve been!

To enter the competition, applicants should complete the online entry form and include a link to the short film complying with the following basic rules:

Who can enter?

To apply you must be: A traveller older than 18 years


Judges will be looking for filmmakers who submit:

A compelling short film; a film which has energy and passion; a film which has an authentic voice;

a film which inspires us to explore Europe; a film which is enjoyable and fun; a film which creates an emotional or humorous response; an idea which will work across the world; and of course a film which makes us want to travel.

Save the date! October 1, 2014

On 1st October 2014, the European Travel Commission and our film partner Screen South will create a long list of the best applications. All long-listed entries will be posted on the Visit Europe social media from 20th October until 11.59pm on 1st November 2014, so that members of the public may vote for their choice for the 3 short-list finalists.

The jury will select the winner of the grand prize from the short list on the basis of the idea and quality of the film.

The overall winner will be announced on the 10th of November 2014. The other 2 finalists shall be the runners-up and will each receive 2 rail passes.

The Prize

The winning film will be rewarded with a holiday for two in Europe, including flights and accommodation for two weeks.

Additionally, the winner will receive first-class rail passes to get around Europe in the most comfortable way.

The competition closes 1st October, so send your entries in before then!


Just make sure…

Films must show travel across at least 3 countries in Europe;

Films must be no longer than 5 minutes;

All content must be owned by the person submitting the film;

Please do not use any commercial music;

Provide a link to your film via: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or other online link.

Good luck!

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