Almost half of British holidaymakers switch off from social media while they're abroad

Almost half of all Brits abroad haven’t been using social media – despite huge campaigns from phone networks recently.

The country’s major networks have lowered roaming charges this year, yet 48 per cent of Brits said in a recent survey that they still don’t update their statuses while away.

Of the 52% who do post updates on various social media platforms – such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – 31% post before they travel, 64% during the break, and 68% when they get home.

Of these ‘posters’, 9% claimed to post several times a day, while 34% posted every 2-4 days, which was the norm.

However, British holidaymakers do remain happy snappy, it seems, as a massive 94% love taking photos while they are away. Of that 94%, more than half will show them to friends and family on their return, and 30% will upload their snaps to social media once they get back.

And it seems our fellow European travellers have similar social media habits while they’re enjoying their holidays, too –  49% of French tourists, 48% of German tourists, 44% of Norwegian tourists and 43% of Finnish tourists stated that they don’t check their phones while on holiday.

A massive 60% of Danish tourists and 58% of tourists from The Netherlands refuse to update their statuses and would rather totally switch off.

There are less – or perhaps more? – obvious reasons for not posting holiday updates, too – many Britons are wary of massive roaming charges and as anyone who’s been burgled while they’re on holiday knows, posting photos of the family by the pool in Spain on Facebook with indications of how long they’ll be away isn’t the greatest idea for security reasons.

Our holiday snaps are often among our most precious memories, so next time you’re indulging in a much-deserved holiday, the smiles-and-sunshine photos you take while you’re having the timeshare holiday of a lifetime could well end up on the mantlepiece and the kitchen notice board for many years to come…


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