42% of Britons admit they have booked a holiday while “under the influence”

Travel agency Sunshine.co.uk recently published the results of a holiday poll involving Britons – with some surprising revelations.

It seems around 42% of British holidaymakers have booked a holiday after one, or two, too many drinks, something many of them regretted later.

While 61% said they were looking forward to the trip the day after the night before, over 20% did admit regretting what they’d done.

When asked, their main regret was booking a holiday that cost too much:

33% said they’d booked a holiday that cost too much/couldn’t really afford

26% said in hindsight they regretted the passengers they’d booked to go with

18% said they hadn’t made the best accommodation choices

15% wished they’d picked a different destination

And 4% said they should have splashed out a bit more

Sunshine.co.uk ran the poll after finding a lot of customers were contacting them “in remorse” the day after they’d made a late night booking for a holiday they couldn’t afford/didn’t want/or never expected to make in the first place – had they not been intoxicated.

Well over 2,000 people aged 18 years and under took part in the survey, which showed geographical fluctuations.  People from regions such as Yorkshire and Humberside made up 21% of the British consumers who had made bookings while drunk, and out of all of the customers polled, just over a quarter, 27%, said they had contacted their travel agency the next day to either amend the booking or try and cancel it.

Out of those, 10% wanted to cancel it, 16% wanted to shorten the holiday and around 12% wanted to downgrade the holiday.

Interestingly, people in the West Midlands (16%) and in the South West (13%) were second and third in the geographical rankings of “those most likely to…make a booking they’d regret the next day”.

As Chris Clarkson, Managing Director at Sunshine.co.uk pointed out, you need a clear head when booking a trip as some bookings are hard to “undo”: “Even inputting your name exactly as it appears on your passport can be a challenge after one too many vodkas!”

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