15 Holiday Travel Facts You (probably?) Never Knew

Most of us have been bitten by the travel bug from an early age already, with the lure of turquoise seas, exotic locations and cultural sites hard to ignore. Just in case you’re wondering whether or not to book that next timeshare holiday, we’ve found some of our favourite travel facts that will have you longing to jet away.

Here are our top 15 travel “did you knows”?

1)    Holidaying – and getting away from it all – can help you to solve problems.

2)    Feeling stressed? Take a break! A holiday can lower your risk of heart disease.

3)    Fancy a shopping spree? Take a holiday instead. Studies show that spending cash on holidays makes you happier than spending it on material things.

4)    More and more of us are suffering with Depression. Getting away from it all can help to fight off Depression.

5)    If you’re finding the stresses of live leave you arguing with loved ones, then you’ll be pleased to know that travel can boost your levels of intimacy with your partner.

6)    If you think your holiday allowance is tough, then think again. The US is the world’s only developed country without a single legally required statutory paid holiday day.

7)    On the flipside, Austria has the best holiday time of anywhere in the world. Live there to be guaranteed 22 paid vacation days and 13 paid holidays each year.

8)    With its mouth-watering food and stunning landscapes, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that France is the most visited country in the world.

9)    And just in case you’re wondering – Bangkok is the most popular city to take a break in.

10)  If you love water and breathtaking scenery, then Canada is the place to go. This beautiful country has more lakes than anywhere else in the world, with a staggering 3 million of them.

11)   Looking to learn about different cultures and religions? Head to India – it’s officially the world’s most diverse country.

12)  If you’re looking for a last-minute getaway, then Las Vegas in a fair bet – the gambling capital of the world has more hotel rooms than anywhere else.

13)  If you fancy a  holiday but don’t want the long-haul flights, try heading to Scotland. The shortest flight available runs from the island of Westray to Papa Westray and lasts just two minutes.

14)  Meanwhile, the world’s longest flight travels between Sydney and Dallas. It lasts for around 16 hours and travels 8,500 miles.

15)  Ready to make your eyes water? The most expensive hotel room in the world costs $83,200 per night at the Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva at Hotel President Wilson.


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