Guide to Timeshare Resales

In order to help timeshare owners when they want to move onto a new location, or just sell their timeshare, many resort owners offer a timeshare resales programme.  This can make the whole process of selling your Timeshare simpler, but there are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind to make things as straightforward as possible.

Timeshare Resales

Timeshare Resales

When the time comes for you to sell your timeshare, make sure that your management fees are up to date.  This is often the first question that you’ll be asked, whether it’s a private buyer or a timeshare resale company that you are dealing with.

In some cases, a small number of developers will agree to take the week back.  This will always be restricted to certain conditions such as your age, state of health or financial situation.  Most of the time though, you’ll find that you will either need to sell your week through a recommended timeshare resale agent or through the resort’s own resale programme.

Trusted Timeshare Resales Agents

Don’t be taken in if you’re contacted out of the blue.  Companies that claim they can find you a buyer willing to pay an unrealistically high price or can extract you from the contract are not approved by the industry trade body RDO (Resort Development Organisation) or the timeshare owners’ representative TATOC (The Timeshare Association) The majority are bogus.  Ensure you use a trusted company with a proven track record in timeshare resales.

The latest European timeshare legislation, introduced in February 2011, covers timeshare resale and companies may no longer take upfront fees.  Avoid any company that attempts to charge you ahead of the sale.

Timeshare resales companies are often a good choice to make the process of selling your timeshare, but they’re not the only option.  Private sales are also possible, and you can find more information about buying timeshare and selling timeshare at these links.