The Resort Development Organisation, was established to improve representation for reputable companies in the timeshare sector and promote fair trading, quality within and growth of the timeshare industry.

Its members lead the industry in their commitment to strong ethical standards with the aim of raising the standards of the industry a whole, ensure fair trading and satisfaction of timeshare owners.

RDO was created following the decision by the European Timeshare Federation in February 1998 to integrate all national timeshare trade associations into one pan-European direct membership organisation.

RDO is a direct membership Organisation with over 90 members from all sectors of the industry across Europe, including resort developers, exchange companies, management and marketing companies, trustees, finance houses and resale companies.

Members are committed to high service standards and integrity, and abide by a code of ethics which ensures buyers have secure occupancy rights and that payments are protected.

RDO works with governments at European and national level to create fair legislation that safeguards the interests of the consumer and encourages the positive development of the industry.

The Organisation regularly organises events, conferences and seminars in which industry members can network and exchange opinions with other colleagues in the industry.

Events include the annual convention, the largest timeshare gathering in Europe.

The former National Associations in 14 European countries act as National Chapters of RDO, and are responsible for carrying out programmes and agreed activities in their respective markets.

They are located in Belgium (covering Benelux), Cyprus, Finland (covering Scandinavia), Germany (covering the German Speaking Region), Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK.

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RDO member companies dedicate themselves to achieving excellence in the timeshare industry and to be bound by the standards enshrined in the RDO Code of Conduct and by the rules governing membership of RDO.


RDO members represent the best of European timeshare, dedicated to excellence and fair trading in the timeshare industry whether in the development of timeshare resorts, the management of resorts, or in servicing timeshare owners and club members.


RDO promotes the timeshare concept to governments. This involves raising awareness on the benefits and economic contribution of timeshare amongst government and regulatory authorities in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. . Through its own offices and those of its national chapters, RDO promotes dialogue between the trade, government and consumer bodies aiming to continuously improve regulatory standards for timeshare.


RDO actively engages the European media in debate on the facts and figures which substantiate the success story of timeshare. RDO defends the industry against unfair criticisms and misconceptions held by the media aiming to correctly inform the European consumer. RDO also provides an information and advice service to existing and potential timeshare owners as well as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme to which all members subscribe. RDO actively engages consumer organizations across Europe to raise awareness on timeshare, inform on latest developments necessary for consumer organizations to execute their task of independently informing and advising consumers.


RDO organises events, conferences and seminars in which members can network and freely exchange opinions and expertise with other colleagues in the industry. In particular, the annual European Timeshare Convention provides the opportunity to disseminate and discuss the latest industry news and helps members to formulate their long-term plans.


RDO facilitates a series of training programmes with modules relating to marketing, sales and service management. These are aimed at maintaining, and improving upon, high standards of customer service, as well as developing the personal skills and professionalism of those employed in the industry. Accreditation schemes also exist for those who successfully complete training programmes. RDO also actively cooperates with educational institutions in the field of tourism.

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