What makes people happy? Travel is top of the list

With sunny shores, farflung islands and turquoise seas on offer – especially as we emerge from one of the longest winters we can remember – perhaps it’s no surprise that travel has been revealed as the key to happiness.

 Tourism firm G Adventures survey into what makes people happy revealed that, for many, travel often comes top of the list.

 The survey of more than 2,300 people was conducted to celebrate International Day of Happiness.

 It revealed that 83 per cent of respondents see travel as being most important to being happy. In fact, a massive 71 per cent see travel as more important than getting married and having a baby, or buying a home or car.

 The respondents’ top five destinations included Australia and New Zealand, Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, while being active was also deemed to be the key to a top holiday.

 Todd Rogerson, Mayor of G Adventures, said: “At G Adventures, creating happiness and community is one of our core values. We understand the positive effects of travel and recognise its ability to cultivate happiness.

 “As indicated by the survey, it’s clear that travel plays a huge role when it comes to happiness.”

 For a full list of survey results, click here


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