What is RDO?

RDO (Resort Development Organisation) is the European trade body for the timeshare and fractional ownership industries. Formerly called OTE, it was created in 1998 to promote fair trading and growth within the timeshare industry and to encourage the highest service standards amongst its members.

Timeshare and fractional ownership is an increasingly popular way of taking holidays and satisfaction levels amongst the 590,000 British families that own timeshare are very high – 88% are pleased they bought. RDO represents the very best of these holiday options and works to educate both the public and the media about the high quality, diverse and inspirational holidays offered.

Always buy with an RDO member – they provide buyers with additional levels of protection over and above those required by law by signing up to a code of conduct and an independent arbitration scheme. Furthermore, RDO’s complaint handling service, available to customers of its members, is free of charge and its consumer services department also offers information on how to buy and sell timeshare safely.

One of RDO’s priorities is tackling fraud to help protect timeshare owners and a former Spanish police inspector heads up its enforcement programme. As a result of his work with the authorities, including the police in Spain and the European Consumer Centres, over 100 bogus holiday clubs and fraudulent operators have ceased trading/been closed down since 2007 .

www.rdo.org – making a difference


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