What do we miss most when we’re on holiday?

We spend most of the year looking forward to spending a week or two at our timeshare or holiday resort…but despite the sun, sea, sangria and other delights, sometimes it’s the simple things we miss the most about the UK while we’re abroad.

Flight website Skyscanner asked its visitors that very question and the results make for interesting reading.

A quarter of all respondents missed their own bed: Your own bed 25%

The age-old challenge of finding a decent up of tea was another one: A decent cup of tea 17.61%

Furry, four-legged friends were missed: Pets 12.5%

The next “most missed” things were:

A pint at the local pub 6.44%

Favourite TV programmes 4.36%

Newspapers 4.17%

Family 4.17%

Friends 3.22%

And not having to buy bottled water was up there, too, at 6.25%

Last, and least, almost nobody missed (in no particular order):

The British weather 0.76%

The scenery 0.57%

The Royal Family 0.95%

Work 0.38%

Marmite 2.65%

Queuing for things 2.08%

Baked beans 1.14%

Driving on the left-hand side of the road 2.84%

Not having to use suntan lotion 1.33%

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