Volcanic Ash Airport Flights Delayed as Travel Insurance Becomes Issue

Dozens of Ryanair flight cancellations to Spain as high density area of volcanic ash cloud spreads over North Atlantic and Europe, heading south.

Ryanair and other carriers have had to cancel flights today to Spain due to the ash crisis, as seven airports in in and around the Iberian peninsula have been forced to close because of a cloud of volcanic ash drifting south from Iceland.

Due to the travel disruption, insurance has become an issue, with many travel insurance companies saying they will not pay out for future cancellations. A number of travel advisories remain in place, and the latest news is that four airports in the Canaries and three in Southern Spain have just shut down – both airports on Tenerife, in La Palma and La Gomera suspended operations very early this morning, while Seville, Jerez and Badajoz are now closed. Countries that have been affected include France, Spain, Italy, Morocco and Gibraltar.

On Monday restrictions were placed on flying through Spanish airspace but there were no airport closures, so this news will be a blow to those trying to fly in and out of those three Spanish hubs.

Restrictions remain in force due to remaining volcanic ash in the skies, for aircraft flying between 20,000ft (6,000m) and 35,000ft (10,500m), mainly affecting trans-Atlantic flights, and Morocco is also affected. Seven airports have closed, including the main hubs of Casablanca, the capital Rabat, and the popular holiday gateway airports at Tangier, Tetouan and Essaouira.

BRITISH Airways (BA) is warning passengers to expect delays when flying to North America due to the volcanic ash cloud.

BA is operating the vast majority of its services, but there are delays to some flights, particularly over the North Atlantic. Airlines remain in close contact with the UK aviation authorities and the Met Office.

GoTimeshare Staff Reporting by Fiona Klonarides

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