UK tourism sector employment figures rise while others fall, new ONS report reveals

Union_jack_flag_(1)The Office for National Statistics (ONS) Tourism Satellite Account has revealed figures which show an encouraging 120,000 increase in tourism jobs in the UK between 2010 and 2011 – good news for the industry and good news for those working in a wide cross section of tourism-related jobs.

The figure is especially remarkable taking into account the fact that other sectors of the UK economy have not done nearly as well – at best some remained almost static, at worst, some plummeted by 145% during the 2010-2011 survey period.

The latest figures in the ONS study show:

1.       While total UK employment decreased by 164k, tourism employment actually rose by 120k.

2.       The only sectors of the economy to record an increase in employment were associated with tourism.

3.       Of the 172k jobs created in the growth sectors of the economy, tourism accounted for 120k of them – in other words, a healthy 70% of the net jobs created in 2011.

4.       The number of jobs lost in the UK economy during 2011 would have been 284k (ie., 73% worse) if it hadn’t been for the tourism industry.

The new figures give weight to the fact that tourism is the sector currently leading the UK’s economy growth.  By comparison, areas like agriculture fared less well – it was 30% down. Construction has been hit badly (down 94%) while the public administration sector also dipped heavily during this period, down by 145%.

On the upside, Transport, Accommodation and IT were up cumulatively by 125% (these sectors include tourism) while Arts, Entertainment and Recreation jobs also rose by almost half (46%) – again, this rise includes tourism-related jobs within these sectors.

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