Travel and Leisure issues scam guide for holidaymakers

TATOC affiliate Travel and Leisure has launched a guide to help timeshare owners avoid scams.

Scammers will often target owners when they are ready to part with their timeshares, claiming that they already have a buyer lined up or that they can sell the property quickly for profit.

However, the guide teaches owners how to identify potential scammers by listing a series of alarm bells to watch out for.

According to Travel and Leisure, sellers should automatically be wary of someone who asks for money up front, including advances, or suggests money transfers. Scammers will also often offer free gifts, or claim you have won a prize.

The guide also suggests that those trying to buy timeshares should protect themselves by making all purchases on a credit card.

The guide states: “Scammers pray on desperate timeshare owners whose vulnerability makes them an easy target.

Some scams are very well planned and easy to fall for, particularly when the person operating the scam has done a very good job of earning your trust.

Always read the fine print in any invitation you receive, never succumb to pressure tactics, and always refuse to sign anything.

Ask any timeshare sales professional you talk to for their credentials, and get them to provide all promises, obligations and fees in writing.”

About Travel and Leisure

Travel & Leisure Group is the Oldest Timeshare Resale Broker in Europe.

Backed up by over 20 years of experience, the Travel & Leisure Group has made selling timeshare properties easier than ever before, for people across the globe. Our multilingual team excels in finding buyers for timeshare properties across the continent – and our size and success has placed us at the heart of the European timeshare resale brokerage.

In 2012 Travel & Leisure Group maintained their annual turnover of over £1m in sales.

As members of the RDO (formerly the OTE), TATOC Timeshare Owners Association and ARDA, the Travel & Leisure Group are recommended by many Timeshare resorts and developers for the services we provide. Many of the most respected names in the Timeshare, Leisure and Hospitality Industry are fellow members of the RDO and ARDA.

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