Travel Advice for Egypt Following Unrest in Cairo

Following unrest in Tahrir Square and the downtown area of Cairo, the UK Foreign Office has not yet issued any travel restrictions, however it has posted updated news on its website:

The website states, “There are ongoing violent confrontations between security forces and demonstrators in Tahrir Square and the downtown area of Cairo. We strongly advise that British nationals stay away from Tahrir Square, including the Egyptian Museum and the downtown area of Cairo including Maspero and the Interior Ministry.”

It advises British visitors to avoid all crowds and demonstrations and keep checking for updates as the situation, prior to the elections on November 28, is changing rapidly.

It continues, “We recommend that you follow events on local and international news and seek advice from tour operators.”
Any Britons who have to visit the Embassy for any reason should call 02 2791 6000 to check on security beforehand, because the Embassy is located in Garden City which is near Tahrir and the downtown area.

For further details or updates, please check the website at

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