Timeshare Trends 2013: Flexibility tops the list

A new study has revealed that timeshare exchange programs are growing in popularity with holidaymakers, thanks to their increased flexibility.

A report by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) suggests that the flexibility of vacation products is one of the top reasons why owners believe that timeshare is the best way to holiday.

Exchange programs give owners the chance to experience new holidays at different resorts in different destinations by giving them the ability to trade or exchange their usual week(s).

ARDA’s Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report revealed that, last year, 38 per cent of traditional timeshareowners either “banked” or exchanged their timeshare in the past 12 months.

Exchange programs enable owners to trade their timeshare for comparable accommodations at other resorts worldwide, enabling owners to sample different vacation styles and resorts further away from home. Timeshare and fractional ownership today has never been more flexible, with an array of resorts and holidays on offer, from beachfront villas to ski chalets and even cruises and safaris.

Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA, said: “While some timeshare owners enjoy the consistency of their home resort, others want the variety to explore different vacation destinations.”

According to RCI, the most popular exchange destinations in the American market include Orlando, Las Vegas, the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, Malaga, Spain,  San Diego, Oahu, Puerto Vallarta, and New York City.

RCI facilitates approximately 1.9 million vacation exchanges each year.

As Mr Nusbaum pointed out: “There’s a perception in the market that timeshare is limiting, but this is completely false.Through exchange, owners have the world at their fingertips.”

To view RCI’s extensive portfolio of international resorts and find out what’s on offer, where, please go to www.RCI.com for details.

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