The Swiss Shared Ownership Success Story continues as Hapimag celebrates 50 Years

The same Swiss firm that first pioneered the timeshare lifestyle in the 1960s is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year.

Founded in Zug in 1963, Hapimag took the idea of shared investment and turned it into something unique – co-operative holidays, offering its members “rights of residence” at top quality holiday resorts all over the world.

It has since become renowned as Europe’s industry leader for timeshare, now providing its 140,000 members with the opportunity to enjoy luxurious shared ownership holidays year round, at a variety of resorts in 16 countries.

Not long after Hapimag launched its revolutionary way to holiday, major hotel chains – including one of the world’s best recognized brands, Hilton – began to offer similar schemes in the ‘80s.

Hapimag now boasts 5,300 apartments across the world. In fact, members can now soak up the delights of 57 exclusive residencies and resorts in Europe, the United States and Morocco, enjoying an unparalleled choice of holidays from ski chalet breaks to sun-soaked beach resorts.

Hapimag offers various types of accommodation, including well maintained simple family homes right up to the most luxurious of residences, and the brand has become synonymous with Swiss-standard quality and service.

As the company’s CEO Kurt Scholl explains: "We do not rely on a star system. What matters to us is the quality and cleanliness of our homes."

Building on its past successes and experience, Hapimag continues to be pioneer the timeshare lifestyle to this day and the company has seen healthy growth of nearly 15 per cent over the past ten years.

Paul Gardner Bougaard, CEO of the Resort Development Organizations (RDO), adds that annual occupancy levels have been averaging an impressive 72 per cent year-round: "Despite the global economic downturn, the sector of vacation ownership remains strong, with sales in Europe totaling €750 million in 2011.”

With a helping hand from its 1,500-strong staff, Hapimag achieved an impressive turnover of 186 million euros last year.

Adapted from an article by William Türler, originally featured on online Swiss magazine and L’Hebdo

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