Silverpoint Vacation Club selects Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket as its exclusive Resale Broker

Leading Vacation Club Silverpoint has joined forces with resale experts Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket (WWTH) in a move which makes WWTH the exclusive broker for Silverpoint’s offsite resales.

Silverpoint already has its own in-house resales division but the new deal means that WWTH will oversee Silverpoint’s external resales. The initiative aims to provide added peace of mind for Silverpoint timeshare owners and protect them from rogue operators who cold call members of the public (including Silverpoint owners). It will provide owners with not only the convenience but also the confidence of selling exclusively through Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, one of the most established companies in the resale market. WWTH is against the practice of cold-calling, so owners who do receive cold calls will know that any company calling them should be avoided.

Silverpoint CEO Mark Cushway and Phil Watson, Managing Director of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket believe the agreement will significantly benefit Silverpoint owners and that the move is a positive one for the industry overall.

Mr Watson said, "It is encouraging that a major developer like Silverpoint recognises that the best way forward is to work alongside an established and reputable resale company like ours. This initiative will only help to enhance the sales prices that are already achieved through our national advertising campaigns on television and in the press.”

Harry Taylor, CEO of the Timeshare Association (TATOC) also sees the move as a significant step forward: "Having worked in the past with both of these companies I am extremely happy to see this sort of collaboration. It is indicative of how Silverpoint and WWTH see the future of the industry in that they want to protect their owners and provide an excellent service for them".

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