Silverpoint Vacation Club launches benefit attached to its ground-breaking holiday product

Adding to an already expansive range of extra benefits, Silverpoint has unveiled its latest innovation – the Silverpoint Vacation Prepaid MasterCard® Card issued by IDT Financial Services. This prepaid cash card can be used at all of the Silverpoint holiday resorts, in the destination’s shops, bars and restaurants, as well as in over 33 million outlets around the world.

Silverpoint members now have a safe and secure way to take spending money on holiday. The card is simple to top up with funds, and can be used just like a normal debit card. Members will also have their loyalty rewarded with a series of onsite promotions and offers for repeat purchases.

Silverpoint’s promotional clients, visiting the resort for the first time, will receive cash back funding for on and off site spending.

Mark Cushway, CEO of Silverpoint Leisure had this to say: “‘we are very proud to release our Silverpoint Vacation Prepaid MasterCard® Card. Silverpoint has worked hard in the last couple of years to develop a suite of innovative vacation products and the addition of this card to our product range is another benefit our owners can enjoy in the years to come.

“ Every time one of our members opens their wallet they will see their Silverpoint MasterCard which hopefully will be a reminder that they own something special that is not just for a week or two a year, but is part of the fabric of their everyday life”.

To find out more about the Silverpoint Vacation Prepaid MasterCard® Card visit:

Or for information on Silverpoint visit:

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