RDO Targets Timeshare Scams

RDO intensified measures in the Canary Islands

RDO increased spending on its Enforcement Project in Spain in 2008 to €130,000. This project has logged a series of key successes over the past year, including the closure by the police – working closely with RDO’s enforcement team, headed up by an a former Canary Islands police inspector – of 10 fraudulent Discount Travel Membership Club (also known as holiday clubs) sales decks and 23 bogus Resale and Class Action companies.

A further 3 Discount Travel Membership Club sales decks closed down voluntarily as a result of pressure from the authorities.

This work is part of RDO’s remit to reduce fraudulent practices affecting timeshare owners and other holiday makers. Over the past year, RDO intensified measures in the Canary Islands – primarily in Tenerife – where fraud has been more prevalent. These measures include the identification of sales decks for Discount Travel Membership Clubs which leads to heavy on-street sales activities.

RDO’s enforcement project has logged a series of key successes over the past year

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) estimates that 400,000 Britons lose £1.2 billion each year to bogus Discount Travel Membership Clubs. These figures compare starkly with complaints about timeshare, which have been reducing steadily year on year.

In meetings with senior police officers in Spain, RDO’s enforcement manager has stressed the damage caused by Discount Travel Membership Clubs and fraudulent re-sale companies to the tourism industry in general and legitimate timeshare operations in particular.

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