RCI Renews Affiliation with Bluegreen

Timeshare organisation RCI has renewed its affiliation with the Bluegreen family.

Timeshare organisation RCI has renewed its affiliation with Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited and Bluegreen Corporation, two of the biggest holiday ownership companies in the industry.

The deal means that Bluegreen Club Members will gain access to a wide selection of holidaying experiences that make up the RCI exchange networks.

By the same token, RCI’s members will also be able to exchange into Bluegreen resorts across the world.

Geoff Ballotti, chief executive officer of RCI, said that his company was very pleased to have renewed its partnership with the Bluegreen family and its owners.

David L Pontius, president of Bluegreen Management Services at the Bluegreen Corporation, said that RCI offers some fantastic holidaying opportunities across the globe.

RCI recently announced that it had affiliated with The Solluna Resort, in India’s biggest wildlife sanctuary, named Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

It brought the number of RCI-affiliated resorts in India to over 80.

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