RCI launches new Green Fingers programme to help feed the homeless

Eco-conscious timeshare owners can now help support the homeless through a new food recycling programme which has just been launched by leading exchange specialists RCI.

RCI Australia recently unveiled the new initiative to encourage visitors to donate any unwanted food to local charities when they leave their resort to avoid wasting food that would otherwise be thrown away.

The food recycling programme, Green Fingers, will support charities including the Salvation Army, Second Bite, St. Vincent de Paul and Foodbank Australia.

The scheme will initially be rolled out in the Mariner Shores Resort, based in Burleigh, and the Nepean Country Club and Day Spa in Victoria. RCI says it would eventually like to make the initiative global.

Gary Fog, business development manager at RCI, said that the scheme would also help the local environment.

As he explained, “Our research indicates that holiday makers, particularly those staying in self-contained resorts, have a tendency to overbuy food, which leads to wastage at the end of their break. Therefore, our pilot program is about working with existing industry partners highlighting our commitment to the environment and the greater community.”

Brent Schafer, general manager for Mariner Shores, said he was pleased with the response so far, adding: “Many of our guests have enjoyed being able to donate and have praised us on this initiative.

“People are much more aware of their green footprint these days and they like to make an overall difference. We get all sorts of donations from packets of chips, biscuits and canned food, through to nappies and baby wipes – basically anything that is unopened and non-perishable is accepted.”

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