RCI Enhances “Trading Power” of Weeks

RCI has introduced a new set of enhancements to its members to make a good product even better.

It has just launched some exciting changes, increasing the “trading power” of members’ points and weeks. Members can now see the exact trading power of their deposit week and directly compare it to the trading power of other deposit weeks at destinations that appeal for future vacations.

They can search for holidays of equal or lesser power or even search all available vacation options. If they trade down, they will receive a deposit credit which can be used or saved for future use. They can also combine deposit credits with another deposit to exchange for a vacation of a higher trading power. This is the first time ever that a “Deposit Credit” is available to owners to use if they wish, for example if the trading power value of their deposited interval is greater than the interval they want to exchange into.

Geoff Ballotti, CEO, RCI said the transparency will greatly benefit members:

“It’s one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done for our members – it’s really unprecedented,” he told Owners Perspective magazine. “Transparency is important because people want to have more control over how they trade their timeshare vacation for another vacation they’d like to take.”

He added, “Just in the few days since these enhancements went “live” on RCI.com, an overwhelmingly positive response has been pouring in from our Weeks members. They – and all of us at RCI – are so excited about this transformation and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best innovations in the industry for our affiliates and owners.”

All of this means a lot more choice for members, who can trade up or down or take vacations that they might not have access to before. The result? More transparency, more power, more flexibility and more vacation options.

In the past two years alone, RCI launched RCI TV, its web-based TV network showcasing RCI resorts and offering a one-stop online destination for information about RCI membership and all its advantages. It has also launched a Spanish language channel and has its own YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/rcitimeshare where anyone can watch dozens of resort videos – a particularly helpful feature when it comes to deciding which resort to book.

There’s also an RCI iPhone and iPod touch app and members can keep up with the latest news on the RCI Blog at http://blog.rci.com.

For more information about these important enhancements, visit RCI TV, where you can view resort videos as well, for more details.


For more information, visit www.RCI.com

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