OFT launches court action against Incentive Leisure Group Limited, Personal Travel Group Limited and

Earlier this week, the OFT announced that it has launched court action against three companies and individuals involved in the marketing or sale of holiday club memberships and other similar products, alleging that the traders mislead people about the sale of their timeshares.

The companies involved are Incentive Leisure Group Limited, Personal Travel Group Limited and Geo Demographic Market Research Ltd (formerly known as the Direct Marketing Partnership Group Ltd)

The OFT alleges that these companies encourage consumers to attend presentations, on the basis that they would be able to get dispose of their timeshare, However, when people come to the presentations, they are instead sold very expensive holiday club memberships. In some cases, consumers were invited to join what appears to be a pyramid scheme, on payment of a large fee.

The OFT claims that the traders engaged in aggressive and misleading sales techniques and believes that consumers attending these presentations are denied cancellation rights provided by consumer protection laws.

Solicitors acting for the traders have denied the allegations made by the OFT and are expected to defend the action.

Members of the public who believe they may have been defrauded should either contact Consumer Direct (http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/) or alternatively, RDO’s experienced enforcement team on enforcement@rdo.org

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