New RDO Initiative Challenges Timeshare Stereotypes

New Twitter feeds also announced by RDO

This April, Paul Gardner Bougaard, RDO’s Chief Executive, penned the first of a series of blogs on issues that are at the heart of our industry.

The first blog is about the image of timeshare and Paul questions whether, despite the decline in consumer complaints – a fact that is widely acknowledged by bodies such as the OFT and the ECCs – we are now seen as saints or as sinners.

Look out for further instalments on subjects such as consumer trends, our responsibility as an industry to tackle fraud and how to attract new buyers, all important in the current market as many owners are now at an age when they wish to sell.

As well as keeping up to date with Paul’s blogs, you may also wish to follow RDO, @RDOOfficial, on twitter. Sue McNicol, the U.K.’s head of operations has also started her own twitter account @SueMcNicol where she offers views on a wide range of topics and engages in debate with other industry professionals. GoTimeshare’s own Twitter feed is at @gotimeshare.

Paul Gardner Bougaard, RDO’s Chief Executive: Timeshare Complaints Continue to Fall, but why are we still one of the Media’s ‘Bad Guys’?