Marseille and Kosice crowned European Capitals of Culture

With their combination of stunning architecture and rich histories, it’s easy to see why the cities of Marseille and Kosice have been crowned 2013’s new European Capitals of Culture.

Tourists are expected to flock to the two new sightseeing hotspots, with a host of exciting events and activities planned in each city throughout the year.

The French city of Marseille will kick off the celebrations on Saturday January 12th, with a glitzy opening ceremony, attended by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barros.

The coastal city transformed itself to be named joint Capital of Culture – and now everyone is determined to make 2013 Marseille’s biggest year yet.

Other highlights include the opening of a contemporary art exhibition, while families will be captivated by a treasure hunt in Marseille-Provence and a fireworks display in Arles this weekend.

The spotlight will then turn to Kosice, Slovakia’s second largest city, on January 19th. The city is expected to shine, with European commissioner Androu Vassiliou helping Kosice to celebrate its new title in style.

And with everyone in the city ready to party, there will be various activities throughout the weekend at locations including the State Theatre, the Steel Arena and popular clubs and restaurants.

European commissioner Androulla Vassiliou led the congratulations for both cities, saying: “This is the moment that Marseille and Kosice have been preparing for – and waiting for – since their selection as the 2013 European Capitals of Culture".

“I’m sure the public will be treated to an unforgettable launch in both cities. The opening events will mark the beginning of what will be a tremendous year of cultural activities.”

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