June 20 – More flights face cancellation as volcanic ash moves into Australian airspace

Both Qantas and Virgin say they will have to cancel flights in and out of Adelaide on Tuesday (21 June) as the ash cloud, which has been “circling” the globe, passing through Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand, is now drifting back into Australian airspace once more.

Ash from the Cordon Caulle volcano grounded hundreds of flights, stranding tens of thousands of passengers last week when it affected airspace over several cities in both Australia and New Zealand. Currently, New Zealand flights are all resuming normal service and will be catching up on the backlog of cancelled flights.

If the ash stays on course, the outlook doesn’t look too promising, say meteorologists at the Volcanic ash Advisory Centre in Darwin, Australia. One spokesperson said today that if the ash continues to drift on its current course and does not clear, it could start to disrupt flights in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities, affecting the capital Canberra.

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