Is "Holiday Monogamy" becoming the new vacation trend for Brits?

Many Brits are creatures of habit when it comes to holidays, with more than fifty per cent returning to the same resort three or more times according to the latest research by RCI.

A new survey released by the leading worldwide holiday exchange brand shows that ‘holiday monogamy’ is key for Britons travelling abroad.
The results reveal that 57 per cent of British holidaymakers have returned to the same destination, hotel or resort on holiday three or more times. Meanwhile, over 80 per cent have returned to the same resort or destination at least once.

Around 60 per cent of British holidaymakers surveyed said that they returned to the same resort because they had ‘had a good time’, while others stated that they felt their resort met all their criteria (39%). Nearly a third said they didn’t see a need to go elsewhere if they had already found a holiday favourite.

Respondents also stated they went back to the same place because they liked the familiarity factor(21%) or because they find it less stressful knowing exactly what to expect where they are going (18%).

Sean Lowe, managing director of RCI, said: “We commissioned the research to gain insight into people’s holiday habits and what is important is guaranteeing they have a good time.

“While travelling and trying different experiences has its own advantages, it’s apparent that ensuring a consistent quality and knowing what you’re buying is important to many, which is why timeshare holidays and holiday exchange have remained popular.”

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