Interval International Reveals Timeshare Trends

Latest Online Study Shows 88% of Members Happy With ‘Their Share’

Worldwide timeshare holiday exchange network Interval International recently surveyed a sample of US members from its membership database. The results are very positive, indicating that the vast majority are satisfied with their timeshare membership while a third are actively contemplating buying even more vacation time.

The findings showed:

— Members’ average household income exceeds $125,000

— Some 88% are satisfied with their membership

— 33% would like to purchase additional holiday time

— Interval International’s US members spend about 23 nights away from home, taken as leisure time

— Florida, California and Hawaii are the most popular destinations members said they wanted to visit within the next two years, with New York City the most popular urban destination

— The Caribbean is the number one “international” favourite destination for US residents.

David C. Gilbert, Executive Vice President of Resort Sales and Marketing at Interval International said, “The observations and insights drawn from this research reinforce the value our members place on vacationing. This study also represents the latest in Interval’s continuing commitment to bring timely and consumer-centric research to the market.”

He added, “Along with our renowned Future Timeshare Buyers series and Affluent Shared Ownership Buyer Profile, these publications serve as a barometer relative to leisure preferences and intentions and assist resort developers in better understanding the psyche of today’s vacation consumer."

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