Innovative App for Timeshare Launched by RDO Member

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket have announced the launch of their free Timeshare Guide app available for iphone, ipad and ipod, the first app for timeshare buyers, sellers and owners.

The guide has been designed as a very simple to use, yet feature rich, application which can be used on or offline, therefore allowing users to avoid hefty roaming charges if it is being using abroad.

The application is split into several areas:

About Us – Here Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket explains how they work and operate and the links they have within the industry.

What is Timeshare – A detailed overview of how the various aspects of timeshare work, what type of timeshare may be right for you and how to best use timeshare to your advantage. Included in this section is coverage of the various exchange options open to you.

Resort Directory – A write up on timeshare resorts which include image galleries, map locations and resort descriptions. This feature gives you the opportunity to view details on a resort before you travel and to look for a resort close to a specific area. You even have the ability to search, via a map, or keywords, for resorts wherever you want.

The resort guide will be constantly expanded upon to make sure that, wherever you are looking for, the information will be at your fingertips. An example of this, a series of travel guides to various countries and areas will be in a forthcoming free update.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket believe the guide will be a great asset, whether you are looking to buy, already own or need help to sell. If you are already an owner, or looking to buy, this will give you some suggestions on resorts to visit as well as location and image galleries.

The application is available free to download now via the Apple Store and will soon be ready for Blackberry and Android.

A direct download link is available on Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket’s website:

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