Holidays significantly improve family time new Disney survey shows

With 9-5 jobs a thing of the past, parents working longer hours and children busy with manic after school schedules, families often struggle to spend quality time together these days

A new survey, conducted by Kelton for Disney Time, has revealed that more families should take a break to rediscover one another.

The study showed that holidays boosted the amount of quality time families enjoy together, with 97 per cent of parents saying that their children learned new things about them on holiday.

Meanwhile, almost one in two parents feel that out of all the time they spend with their children, only half of it could be classed as “quality time.”

However, while on vacation, parents reported that 82 percent of time would fall in the “quality time” category.

While on holiday, the survey showed that 77 per cent of families were more excited than they are at home, while 54 per cent were more affectionate.

Leslie Ferraro, executive vice president of global marketing for Disney Parks, said: “We know vacations are important, but to have parents validate how important vacation time is to their families was insightful.

“As we’ve learned from families who participated in the survey, those moments of quality family time can feel fleeting in our everyday home lives.  At Disney Parks, families enter a different kind of time – where the entire family can relax and be a kid – Disney Time.”

The survey also revealed that a huge 71 per cent of parents confessed to wanting to spent more time with their children.

However, many admitted that they only have 15 “free” weekends per year, with 13 per cent admitting they had none.

When asked to pick one specific location where they felt their family would have the best time on vacation, top responses included theme parks, the beach, cruises and camping.

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