Happy Holidays for Hapimag

Pioneering Swiss holiday ownership specialists Hapimag have some very positive news this week. The company’s operating income for 2011 is up 8.5% compared to the previous year and sales have also risen at its Swiss resorts, with its Turkish resort in Bodrum, also proving exceptionally popular.

The company has a portfolio of international resorts, including properties in Marrakech , http://www.hapimag.com/en/marrakech.htm Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey among other destinations and the financial results are very encouraging. The rise in operating income is also testament to the rewarding ownership experience Hapimag provides, and the results reflect the fact that timeshare can be a particularly resilient industry, even in the midst of a recession.

Almost fifty years after it was founded, Hapimag’s reputation for quality resorts and service has kept it consistently at the top of its league. In the sixties, the company introduced the timeshare concept when it decided to offer consumers the opportunity to buy weeks at its resorts; the concept caught on and the rest is history.

Despite the challenging economy, Hapimag says the occupancy rate of all 57 resorts and residences remained at a high level at 68.7 per cent last year (68.9 per cent in 2010). Over 355 000 guests (3.4 per cent more than the previous year) took holidays at Hapimag resorts all over the world.

There’s more exciting news on the horizon. Last month saw the start of the conversion of Hapimag’s property in the beautiful Austrian town of Salzburg (Mozart’s birthplace) and this summer, construction work is due to begin on the new city residence in Lisbon. Both of these city residences are scheduled to open next year.

Stays at Hapimag’s resort in Bodrum in Turkey were up by a whole 10 per cent last year, while its four Swiss resorts achieved an overall occupancy rate of 73.3 per cent; and sales increased by 8.5 per cent from EUR 6.3 million to EUR 6.9 million. http://www.hapimag.com/en/bodrum-village-aegean.htm

Last year, Hapimag invested EUR 29.8 million (previous year EUR 36.6 million). The biggest renovation projects were at the two German resorts in Winterberg and Unterkirnach, as well as at Hapimag’s delightful Tuscan resort, Pentolina http://www.hapimag.com/en/golf-destinations-italy-pentolina.htm. At Winterberg, a centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine is now part of the facilities for guests where wellness is a priority, and proving especially popular.

For more information about membership and the company’s portfolio of international resorts and destinations, please visit www.hapimag.com

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