Flexible Timeshare Appeals to Younger Generation

A new study has revealed that flexible, innovative timeshare products could be snapped up a whole new younger generation of buyers if they are educated about the products first.

The research, commissioned by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) and conducted by students at Bournemouth University, looked at how the timeshare industry can target customers more effectively through social media.

In the report, the students found that without a doubt, flexibility of timeshare appeals to the younger generation. Meanwhile, a series of social media campaigns would help timeshare products to reach this age group.

However, the report also revealed that this younger demographic needs to be fully educated about a product before they make a purchase.

Using the report, the students put together a series of findings, designed to help timeshare businesses.

A full copy of the report is available to RDO members, and suggestions included:

Use the RDO stamp of approval so that the consumer can recognise that yours is a brand to trust.

Social media pages should be regularly updated, personalised and


Have a full-time social media professional to manage content and sites,

promote your pages at every opportunity and regularly monitor your online reputation.

Ensure your sites can be easily accessible via mobile and tablet


Focus your social media efforts on the most popular social media

pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube channels.

Promote your marketing material in line with the behavioural characteristics of Generation X, a generation that needs to be educated into a product before considering a purchase.

Create your own community of followers to build trust and loyalty.

Personalise your newsletters.


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