Father’s Day Top 10 Holiday Wishlist

Flight destination website whichbudget.com has revealed the results of its Father’s Day holiday wishlist. The site polled 584 men to find out what their ideal Father’s Day holiday treat would be and needless to say, the most popular dream getaways involved food, drink, and, of course, sport!

Italian food, wine and Scottish whisky proved particularly popular, but surprisingly fly-fishing in Iceland came fifth while a “golf and Guinness” trip to Ireland only made the number ten spot.

The results were:

1) Savour Sicilian Food and Wine in Italy = 22%

2) Whisky Tour of Scotland = 17%

3) Surf the waves off the coast of Portugal = 12%

4) Racing the Nurburgring in Germany = 9%

5) Fly-fishing in Iceland = 8%

6) Chilled out Culture Day in San-Sebastian, Spain = 8%

7) Off-shore power boating in Costa Smeralda in Sardinia = 7%

8) Camel riding in Morocco = 6%

9) Down and Dirty in a mud-spa in Budapest = 6%

10) Golf & Guinness trip to Ireland = 5%

Martino Matijevic, CEO and Founder of WhichBudget.com, said: “Nowadays men are far more adventurous in their food and drink choices, so it is not surprising that top of the Father’s Day wish-list are getaways that combine travel with food and drink. Our survey found sporting activities were less appealing, which was a surprise. Maybe this is because sport requires more energy, so may not be quite as conducive to a relaxing Father’s Day off as slowly sipping whisky in a Highland distillery, or dining in a lively Sicilian piazza.”

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