Emirates Wins For Best In-flight Food

…and Heston Blumenthal tackles BA in Channel 4’s “Mission Impossible”

Flight comparison site Skyscanner.net recently asked users to vote for their favourite airline – this time, though, they were giving marks for food, not flying comfort or punctual departure times.

Middle East airlines scored particularly high marks – six of the top ten airlines are based in the Middle East and Asia.

US carriers didn’t fare too well, while three European airlines made it into – Lufthansa in second place, Dutch national airline KLM at number nine, and Air France scraped in at tenth place. (No British airlines made the top ten.) The survey of 1,200 people asked people to rate their in-flight meals based on three categories; taste, presentation and choice and thirty-five airlines featured in the survey. And the winners were…

1. Emirates
2. Lufthansa
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Aeroflot
5. Qatar
6. Malaysia Airlines
7. Thai Airways
8. Etihad
9. KLM
10. Air France

British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal recently took on British Airways in a challenge to tackle “plane” food and make it great food. The episode airs Tuesday March 8th on Channel 4. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/hestons-mission-impossible

“I always wanted to know what happens to us when we eat in the air, instead of on the ground, so the BA challenge was the hook for me taking on this whole project,’ he told The Daily Mail. ‘During a flight to Dubai, I was a trolley dolly. I went down the aisle in economy, business and first, saying “Ice and lemon?” and serving meals. Two years ago I couldn’t have done that. I’d have wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, but I’ve got used to working with TV cameras now.

“What really surprised me is that the food that leaves Gate Gourmet, who supply BA, is quite impressive. But by the time it arrives at the passenger, it’s dreary…” he added, but the challenge was harder than expected.

Skyscanner Director Barry Smith said,”Although there are some notable exceptions, airlines are making huge efforts to provide good-quality meals, with many even appointing celebrity chefs as consultants.

“It is interesting to see these Middle Eastern and Asian airlines ranking so highly. Airline food is notorious for being bland and perhaps it is the use of these strong eastern flavours and spices that is contributing to their popularity. Possibly it’s also because exotic flavours get people in a holiday mood!”

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