Dial an Exchange South Africa boosts its Gold Advantage Programme

DAE (Dial An Exchange) South Africa has introduced a number of exciting new additions to its Gold Advantage benefits product range, offering its members priority access, more options and better savings.

Paul Edkins, Director of DAE’s South Africa business division said the global holiday exchange program has been growing from strength to strength in the region, which is one of the most popular destinations for long haul holidays – particularly among Britons keen to escape the UK winter.

These enhanced Gold Advantage benefits now give DAE members advanced access to new holiday weeks, priority requests and a 10% discount off exchange fees and Bonus Weeks.

The Gold Advantage programme is ideal for timeshare owners who tend to take holidays for more than just a week each year and who want more from their membership.  Members who join Gold Advantage can take advantage of the VIP-style benefits whether they own weeks, points or credits.

In addition,  DAE South Africa members will now get to enjoy discounts on selected massage services at any of the Orion Group properties around the country, through Gold Advantage.

The Orion Group owns 13 properties throughout South Africa, including three luxury spa resorts. Their signature properties include the Coach House Hotel & Spa, Santé Hotel & Spa, Selborne Hotel, Golf Estate & Spa, Velmoré Hotel Estate and Dithõlõ Game Lodge.

And now leading brand Holiday Autos joins Gold Advantage as its latest partner. The company is the world’s largest leisure car rental specialist, offering low cost, value for money car rental to holiday and leisure customers at over 5,000 car rental locations.

Riaan Visser, Marketing Manager of Holiday Autos South Africa said the partnership with DAE South Africa would provide added value for Gold Advantage members.

Mr Visser said, “We are delighted about our new partnership with DAE South Africa. With Gold Advantage, holidaymakers can look forward to receiving unbeatable rates when they book a car rental with Holiday Autos.”

Holiday exchange specialist DAE is one of the best known names in the global timeshare market. The Gold Advantage benefits package is now available to all DAE South Africa members and owners.


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