Dial An Exchange (DAE) joins the Resort Development Organisation (RDO)

Dial An Exchange (DAE), the world’s largest privately owned holiday exchange company, has announced it is joining the Resort Development Organisation (RDO).

RDO works to safeguard the interests of developers and consumers alike within the timeshare industry. It sets high service standards, insists members work ethically and ensures they sign up to a professional code of conduct.

Over many years RDO has worked with governments to bring in fair legislation, investigate fraudulent activity and help to close down misbehaving companies.

Dial An Exchange managing director Europe, Oliver Green said: “For Dial An Exchange,  becoming a member of RDO is  part of our ongoing commitment to provide our members with the best customer care, while also working to ensure the highest standards across the industry.”

“Dial An Exchange supports the excellent work that RDO does in promoting  the many positive messages about the timeshare and shared ownership industry across Europe. ”

“So often the numerous good news stories are drowned out by the tiny minority of negative reports about unscrupulous operators. By joining RDO, Dial An Exchange is committed to helping to promote the good name of the timeshare industry, to help to remove dubious practices from it, and is proud to be associated with RDO’s standard of excellence.”

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