Deadly explosion hits southern Cyprus

Reports are coming in of a blast at a military base in Cyprus, which may have killed eight people. The blast took place at the Evangelos Florakis navy base in Zygi, between the southern coastal cities of Limassol and Larnaca.

The explosion was so strong that it blew out windows and doors of beachside restaurants at nearby resorts. "There are a number of dead which we cannot confirm yet," a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said.
It was unclear what triggered the explosion, which news reports said was in a munitions dump. The fire is still not under control.

The island’s largest power station was knocked out, causing widespread electricity cuts and according to a Reuters witness, “The place looks like it was hit by a massive bomb."

A report on British Forces News said today:“Fire damage to the power station has meant the majority of the south of the island has no power including the British military bases of RAF Akrotiri, Episkopi, Dhekelia and Ayios Nikolaus.”

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