Consumer Alert – World Sales Group

It has come to light that a company based in Spain (Menorca) has been claiming to be working for RDO member Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket.

Owners have been called by a company calling themselves “World Sales Group”. The caller allegedly states that they are working for Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket and that “we have had a computer problem and our data has been lost. We therefore need to run through your details again”. This gives them the chance to try to glean information on what the target owns. The next step follows in a few days time with an “offer” on the sale of their weeks.

Needless to say, this will be accompanied by a demand for a “security payment”.

“World Sales” has absolutely no link with Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket and is not acting either on its behalf or in conjunction with it.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket would request that any individual who has been contacted by this, or any other company in a similar manner notifies Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket immediately.

They can be reached on tel: 0871 781 6781 or via their website:

You may alternatively direct any enquiries on this matter to TATOC ( or RDO (

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