Best Value Holiday Destinations Close to Home

The flexibility and value for money timeshare ownership offers is a big draw for families looking for economical holidays – and this summer, some resorts are decidedly cheaper than others

As the pound continues to strengthen against the euro, buying you more euros for your sterling, the argument for specifically holidaying in a non-euro zone is fading fast. These days it’s not so much a question of which currency you’ll be using to buy your holiday souvenirs and sunset cocktails, it’s more about the overall cost of living and the prices at the actual resort you’re going to be holidaying at.

Turkey and Egypt, both non-euro countries, are particularly popular this year, but classic eurozone favourites like Portugal, Cyprus and Greece are also great value this summer compared to parts of Spain, France and Italy.

Even within the same country prices can vary significantly – that glass of Rioja in Granada (the city is famous for its generous free tapas that come with your drink) in southern Spain will probably cost less than its equivalent in Madrid.

One obvious advantage of timeshare holidays is the self-catering factor. The cost of eating out or at the pool bar can quickly mount up, and as most resorts are usually located close to a supermarket or have their own mini-market on site, keeping the food bill down – particularly if you’re on a family holiday – becomes even easier.

Some supermarkets in popular resort areas now deliver – Spanish chain Mercadona, which has various stores in Andalucia, now does home deliveries, as do SuperSol and some of the El Corte Ingles-owned Supercor stores in the Malaga/Marbella area – no need to schlep to the supermarket when you’d rather head off to the beach.

GoTimeshare Staff Reporting by Fiona Klonarides

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