Azure Resorts Riders Confirm Paris-Dakar Charity Rally

Kevin Camilleri and Perry Newton, general sales manager and project director of Azure Resorts in Malta, will be tackling the challenging Heroes Legend Paris – Dakar motorcycle rally this autumn.

The two week event runs from 29 September to 14 October 2012 and follows the route of the legendary Paris Dakar race, over a tough 6,500 kilometre itinerary which crosses five countries: France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. The race starts at the Eiffel Tower and finishes at Dakar’s Lac Rose.

The Dakar Rally is the world’s most gruelling off-road race, and the riders will cover on average 500km a day. Kevin Camilleri, as far as the pair is aware, is the first ever Maltese national to take part in the Heroes Legend race. Kevin and Perry are donating the sponsorship funds raised over the €50k cost of the race to UNICEF, Cancer Research UK and The Malta Community Chest Fund. Details can be found at

In preparation for the race, their KTM 690R Enduro bikes are being especially modified for the rally. Both riders have been putting in some rigorous fitness training with army physical instructor Chris Mamo and working with Patsy Quick and Clive Town of Desert Rose Racing. Patsy knows the Dakar challenge well – she was the first ever British woman to compete in the Dakar Rally, while off-road training with Clive Town (also a Dakar veteran) will help give Kevin and Perry an edge for any obstacle they may face along the way.

The Rally is both mentally and physically challenging and the riders will be facing extreme heat, hours of solitude, and intense concentration and resilience will be required to face whatever lies ahead. The riders will face all types of terrain in Africa, rolling and fast tracks, mountains, twisty and technical parts, oasis crossing, sandy tracks, along the ocean and ocean of dunes. Each stage will be composed of two or three different off road zones combining regularity, speed, piloting and navigation for the motorcycles and cars.

Lac Rose, 20 miles north east of Dakar, Senegal, marks the end of the Rally – and it’s an almost surreal setting. Micro-algae in the lake gives it its pinkish hue and its colour changes according to the time of day and season, sometimes shifting to mauve shades towards the end of the day. It contains ten times more salt than the ocean, so, like the Dead Sea, you can float in it.

Also joining the Azure Resorts team for the Rally will be cameraman David Hoare, there to capture the whole experience on film, from the first step on the tread mill to the moment Kevin and Perry step off the plane and arrive home in Malta. There will also be aerial views, with some footage being shot from a helicopter, and the pair will record a daily video diary.

To support their fundraising for UNICEF, Cancer Research UK and the Malta Community Chest Fund and to keep up with their progress, visit Kevin and Perry’s website at The site will be updated regularly with photos, videos and live updates from the Dakar Rally.

To find out about sponsorship, visit and their official Facebook page is at

For details of the Heroes Legend route see: The race offers two categories, Open or Classic, and includes several off road zones each day.

Azure Resorts in Malta is a member of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO)

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