Why You Will Love a Travel Photography Trip to Finland

Have you ever considered Finland before as a travel destination? If not, then it should definitely be on your list of places to visit next, especially if you love travel photography or film-making. The landscapes are unbelievably breathtaking and the light conditions absolutely gorgeous! With such beautiful scenery you will be able to take your travel photography to the next level.

Of course, Finland gets cold, and we’re talking very cold in the autumn and especially winter months, being one of the most northernmost countries in the world, but the snowy, icy conditions during that part of the year add something spectacular to the Finish landscape. Unlike other places like the UK which often just become grey, rainy and miserable, Finland is transformed into a dazzling, magical bright landscape of white. The spring and summer months are warm and also spectacular in their own way with many days when the sun never sets, and temperatures reaching 35 degrees celsius!


In terms of European geography, Finland is also unique from much of the rest of the continent in many outstanding ways. It is the eighth largest country in the European Union and also the most sparsely populated with a total population of only around 5.5 million people, making it perfect if you are looking at somewhere to escape from noise, overcrowding and stress. Around a quarter of the population live in Helsinki, the capital which in itself is a fascinating city to visit, but if you want, you can easily explore much of the country undisturbed.

One of the most spectacular aspects of Finland is the huge number of lakes and islands: in fact there are nearly 200,000 lakes and 179,000 islands! The natural beauty of this country is hard to believe until you visit! Added to this the landscape is covered almost entirely with coniferous forests of pine, spruce and birch trees. Unlike much of the rest of Europe, where the majority of forests have been cut down to make way for cultivated land and food production, around 78% of Finland remains covered in spectacular forest. On top of this 10% of the total area is made up of rivers, lakes and ponds. You will be totally spoilt for choice with incredible natural beauty to immerse yourself in and snap photos of.

Summer Northern Lights in Finland

Because of its Northern location, Finland is also one of the best places in the world to be able to witness the incredible and breathtaking Aurora Borealis, aptly known as the Northern Lights. In fact, in Lapland these lights shine almost every other clear night between September and March. Seeing this unbelievable natural phenomenon is a once in a lifetime, dream come true for many and some people become hooked for life, returning again and again to Finland to see this incredible beauty.

As a quarter of Finland’s territory lies within the Arctic Circle, this means that the winter days are very short and the summer days very long in terms of sunlight. In fact, the sun does not rise at all for 51 days during winter and does not set for 73 consecutive days! Finland is indeed a land of Midnight Sun during the relatively short but often very warm summer. Because of the distinct seasons, it is an awesome place for photography for many different types of weather and natural landscape.

We can't wait for summer and the midnight sun! Photo by @kpunkka #VisitFinland #OurFinland

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As you can see Finland is a travel photographer’s dream location to visit, where you really can get away from it all and experience natural beauty at its finest and most remote, undisturbed by crowds and noise. You can recharge and truly enjoy the refreshing quality of being surrounded by sublime sights in which there are few other places in the world these exist. As well as photography, Finland is also amazing for travel film-making as you will see below:

We hope this article has inspired you to consider Finland on your next trip and with such beautiful scenery, what is stopping you? There are a selection of excellent timeshare resorts and hotels to choose from when you decide to head to Finland to make your stay even more comfortable. We’re sure you will have an amazing time!

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