TripAdvisor's award-winning app hits the 100 million mobile downloads mark!

Yes it’s official: TripAdvisor is now the most popular travel app based on the total number of downloads in the past year.

The travel intelligence site reached its mobile milestone of 100 million downloads this year for the free app for iPhone and Android; downloads have doubled in the past twelve months – up six times from 2011 alone.

It’s a fantastic planning tool, so if you’re researching destinations for your next timeshare break, and haven’t used it yet, have a play with it – you can download both the Android and iPhone versions here, and there are also lots of offline travel guides packed with destination information:

Stephen Kaufer, president and CEO of TripAdvisor commented, “ As travel planning has shifted from something you do ahead of time to something that’s possible anytime, the TripAdvisor mobile app has become the essential companion for millions of travellers.”

The app has proved popular for its key features which include global content, allowing travellers to research travel and hotel information on the go with more than 150 million user reviews of hotels almost everywhere on the planet – and over 19 million actual traveller photos, which give a better idea of what the hotel is like in reality.

The app’s features include Near Me Now and Point Me There to find local attractions and nearby landmarks worth a visit.

TripAdvisor’s app has just been named Best Mobile App by Eye for Travel in the 2014 Innovation Awards.  The app is free, available in 21 languages and available for download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.


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