Own Timeshare? Must Travel!

The idea of swapping your holiday home to see more of the world is making headlines right now, but it’s not a new idea. Holiday exchange services provider, RCI, has been working with resort developers worldwide for more than 40 years and, today, has more than 4,300 holiday resorts in some of the world’s best destinations affiliated to its holiday exchange programme.

Our Blog – www.rci.com/blog – is new from RCI. It’s an online forum where all who love holidays – and who love holidaying in the comfort of a timeshare or shared-holiday ownership property – will find stories about many different exciting holiday destinations and ways to holiday.

The best thing about Our Blog is that RCI is inviting its members and staff who have been to those places, done those amazing things, seen the spectacular sights for themselves and delighted in the delicious food and beverages to be savoured in those countries, to share all that they loved about their holiday experience, as well as their top tips on getting the most out of the type of holiday they enjoyed.

Apart from holiday adventures and fun, Our Blog also features advice on how to get the best value from timeshare and shared-holiday ownerships. You will find guidance on what timeshare is and how timeshare works with a holiday exchange membership; details of the robust consumer legislation that is in place to protect you as a timeshare purchaser and owner; tips on what to do with an unwanted ownership, ideas around selling your timeshare or using it in other ways.

Launched in August this year, there are now a good number of blog posts up on the site to inspire you in your holiday planning. From the delights of a Dutch getaway in both town and country, and Alpine adventure in the infamous hills of Austria, to all that is amazing about Spain’s sizzling Alicante, you will get a great insight into the best of holidays.

The contributors to Our Blog are people, just like yourselves, who look forward to getting away from it all with family and friends, impatient to start an exciting adventure in a destination that is new to them, or maybe rushing back to a place they know and love so well.

If you want a sneaky peak into the world of other people’s holidays to see if they’ve found something that you’d enjoy, visit http://www.rci.com/blog

RCI post a new travel blog each week so to be sure you get to see each and every post, just click here to subscribe to your monthly Blog Newsletter updates full of travel ideas.

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