Time to chill? This Summer's Top Spa Trends

The school holidays are finally here!  It can be the most relaxing – or busiest – season of the year, depending on what your family plans are, but either way it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some long overdue spa pampering while you’re away on your timeshare break.

The spa/wellbeing trend was one of the biggest travel trends last year, with most holidaymakers counting it in as a top priority – along with WiFi – while on holiday.

So as we all prepare to “switch off” for a while, until September when school starts up again, here are some of the biggest trends hitting the spa scene this summer.

  1. Personalisation: as we entered 2015, customisation and bespoke treatments started to make spa headlines. Now we have the option to choose our own oils, scents and the type of treatment our mind and body craves. One of the most popular is the increased personalisation of facials to focus the treatment on our individual skin type and help clear any problems.
  2. Speciality spas: whereas in the past many spas have been offering all sorts of treatments from a manicure to Ayurvedic therapies, now the tide is turning towards “specialty” spas that focus on a particular holistic philosophy or certain types of treatments.  Now we are beginning to see spas breaking away from this something-for-everyone approach to a more specialised one, such as focusing on just massages or facials.
  3. “Express” yourself! With all of us leading super-busy lives, it is often difficult to find a couple of hours to get that necessary facial, so we should be able to pop out and get them in our lunch breaks or while running between work and the kids. To fit this need, lots of spas are now offering “quick” treatments in 30 minutes or under so you can get your glow on the go!
  4. Social fitness: more and more we’ve been spotting day sessions – e.g. yoga classes followed by a healthy brunch, or rooftop yoga then an informative juicing session, all of which are group activities that focus on both the exercise and practice of wellbeing through food and positive company. Being in a group encourages enthusiasm and positivity making fitness fun. Alongside this, women only weeks are on the rise – a chance for the ladies to leave their hubbies on the golf course and enjoy some much deserved pampering for themselves.
  5. Wellness and preventative treatments: there’s a big focus on whole mind, body and spirit wellness which has been revolutionising the spa industry lately.  It’s more about health, inner happiness and learning how to feel good, strong and able to cope with daily stresses long after we leave the massage table. Alternative treatments such as acupuncture, yoga and kinesiology are becoming increasingly popular to ensure not just a quick fix but elongated wellness and prevention.

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