Ten of the best YouTube Travel Vloggers

The best way to really get to know a destination is to see it and experience it for yourself…but the second best way is to see it first on film.

Amateur, professional and travel bloggers videos let you see the parts of a place you might not even know about, or if you know almost nothing about the destination, they’re so useful for helping you decide where your next timeshare holiday will be. Turkey or Morocco? Madrid or Lisbon? A safari or the Sahara? In fact if you’re thinking of taking an out of the ordinary holiday like a cruise or a safari, videos will give you a much better feel for what you can expect and how to make the most of your adventure, with lots of useful tips.

Bloggers have a knack of presenting the “insider’s guide” to a place – they’ve been there, on the ground, exploring the secret restaurants down the side streets and chatting with locals. So while a guide book can be invaluable overall, a few lines about a restaurant or an attraction aren’t really that much to go on. The beauty in videos is in the details – does the restaurant have a shaded terrace? Is the sand on the beach white and fine or coarse, is the coastline smooth or rocky?  And if you’re visiting an Arabic/North African country like Morocco, for example, getting a feel for the place before you go is a great idea – earmark the tips on the “dress code” before you leave home, for example (no need for a headscarf but short shorts or extremely skimpy tops are a no-no!)

YouTube travel channels are one of the best ways for you to explore exotic new countries and cultures – perfect for adding ideas to that ever-growing “must visit” bucket list.

Here are ten excellent YouTube channels for you to explore and brighten up the next grey British morning.

1)    Fun for Louis

Enjoy Louis’ daily vlog documenting his adventures and life as he explores the most far-flung, exotic corners of the globe.

2)    Sonia’s Travels

Brilliantly produced, this slick channel is one of our favourite travel shows on the web. Fun, friendly Sonia is constantly on the lookout for a destination’s “secret code” – and she loves to share her discoveries with her audience from around the world.

3)    Overlander TV

As an Australian videographer, you won’t be disappointed by Mark’s fantastic channel. He’s been documenting travel for over ten years and his videos are packed with useful insights, witty commentaries and local culture.

4)    Planet D

Adrenaline junkies will love this channel, which stars Dave and Deb – two guys who travel the world and get into all kinds of crazy adventures. Think cycling through Africa to camping in Antarctica.

5)    Hopskotch the Globe

Vlogger Kristen will always help you to see countries through a different perspective – and the result is often incredibly funny. There’s also plenty of entertaining “how to” videos to watch, including “how to pee standing up (for women)”.

6)    David’s Been Here

David trawls the globe with his camera, offering up viewers plenty of fascinating facts. There are also over 1,300 videos on his channel, so wherever you’re looking to go, chances are David’s Been Here…

7)    Pause the Moment

This videos are full of adventure and energy and feature plenty of slick editing and cool soundtracks, too. Ryan also reviews handy products and creates brilliant travel “how to” guides.

8)    Travel Yourself

Cailin’s amusing video diaries are jam-packed with useful tips and information about countries and places all over the world. Watch as she travels solo, then brightens up the camera with the interesting people she meets along the way.

9)    Bacon is Magic

Foodies will love food and travel blogger Ayngelina’s stunning footage about people and dishes from all manner of countries. She creates some truly beautiful videos, with plenty of interesting stories to tell.

10) Migrationology

Another one for the foodies, Mark loves to travel – and he loves to eat. His YouTube channel boasts hundreds of videos on food from around the world, and is sure to get your mouth watering!

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