Spa resorts even more sought-after as holidaymakers demand greater 'wellness' from their breaks

How many days off work do we take due to stress-related illnesses each year? The answer, in two simple words, is “too many” as a whole. And that could well explain why spa breaks are taking off big time as a major holiday trend.

The trend ties in with the popularity of eco holidays, too – getting back to nature is one of the best health tonics there is, time off to relax in a sanctuary where we can keep our collective carbon footprint light and unwind our minds.

As technology has evolved, we’ve turned into 24/7 contactable humans – answering work emails by the pool, checking our friends’ updates on Facbook, keeping up with what’s happening in the world on our tablets in Thailand or catching the latest breaking news on Twitter.

Surprisingly (or not?) Spafinder Wellness 365’s 2014 Trends Forecast revealed recently that  85% of people surveyed returned from their break less rejuvenated than before they had left.  It’s important to make sure a holiday is just that – a break from routine, an escape from daily pressures, and not a sightseeing and shopping marathon, unless that’s the original “holiday goal”.

The Spafinder Wellness 365 report also confirmed that  82% of those who took their survey said  they want a holiday that offers a spa or massage, 73% preferred to stay at an eco-property, and a very high majority, 82%, look for nature experiences while away from home.

The good news is that many timeshare resorts are upping their spa offerings to meet this demand, following the fractional ownership trend whereby the vast majority of fractional properties are part of a five star resort complete with onsite spa, restaurant, café, gym, pool and other facilities.

So you can enjoy all the comforts of home – a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious bedroom suites, satellite TV, in-apartment WiFi…with a pool, spa treatments, restaurant and concierge service right on your doorstep, should you be tempted to leave your sunlounger…

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